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Our Eye Doctors

jenannette_pic_for_bio_old_oneEye care professionals specialize in understanding how the human eye really works, as well as diseases and conditions that affect your vision – many of which do not have obvious symptoms. Eye doctors know how age and risk factors affect vision over time for young and old, and they understand the benefits and features of corrective lenses including eyeglasses and contacts.

Our optometrists take the time to explain the results of your eye exam, describe your options and listen to your eye care needs. Because maintaining good eye health is an ongoing partnership, we encourage you to ask questions and share your health information, which could be vital to monitoring, diagnosing and treating potential vision problems.

Meet our doctors:

Annette Astuto, O.D.

Dr. Annette Astuto grew up in North Platte, Nebraska, and went on to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, before earning her Bachelor of Visual Science and Doctorate of Optometry from Southern California College of Optometry in 1991 and 1993 respectively. After practicing Optometry in North Carolina from 1993-2004, where she was an active member of the American Optometric Association and Eastern Coastal District Representative for the North Carolina Optometric Association, Dr. Astuto eventually moved back to Nebraska, where she now lives with her husband and their two sons. She has practiced Optometry in the Omaha area on a part-time, fill-in basis since 2006, with a preferred focus on addressing the comprehensive health of the eye in a family setting, fitting conventional and specialty contact lenses, and diagnosing ocular disease.

Jennifer Brammeier, O.D.

Dr. Jennifer L. Brammeier has been an optometrist for 20 years, and is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Salus University (formerly Pennsylvania College of Optometry). She is also a member of the American Optometric Association and the Nebraska Optometric Association. Her focus is diagnosing ocular disease and she enjoys specialty contact lens fittings. Dr. Brammeier resides in the Millard area with her husband and two sons.